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Current 2.4
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Rexx/Wrapper is a tool that wraps Rexx source or tokenised code into an executable.
The Rexx source code can be optionally compressed and encoded to ensure that the original Rexx code cannot be viewed (unless you have the original encryption key).
To use Rexx/Wrapper you need two extra bits of software:
  1. A supported Rexx interpreter
  2. A supported C compiler
See the Rexx/Wrapper documentation for further details.


With Rexx/Wrapper on SourceForge, support resources for Rexx/Wrapper. such as mailing lists, discussion forums, bug reporting and feature requests are available.

Rexx/Wrapper is freeware, distributed under the GNU General Public License .

Not a Compiler

Rexx/Wrapper is not a compiler. It does not compile the Rexx code into native machine code; the Rexx code is still interpreted by a Rexx interpreter.
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